Panasonic X Qlash

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When the challenge gets tough, the tough guys start playing.

Panasonic is the main sponsor of Qlash (gaming house winner of the ‘Best eSports 2020’ award) and our agency, with the aim of establishing the Japanese brand as the leader in the Gaming TV sector, has started a series of partnership activities.


The result? Customisation of the Qlash House, organisation of Panasonic-powered hybrid tournaments, participation in gaming events and Games Week 2022, creation of videos and social content and much more…


…and this is just the beginning: we will see some good!

Panasonic’s OLED TVs have arrived in the living room and studio of Call of Duty pro gamer and content creator Predax. In collaboration with the talent, we produced a video highlighting the TVs’ key features, such as VRR (Variable Refresh Rate) technology, low latency (Low Latency) and high frame rate (High Frame Rate). The goal of the content, was to show how Panasonic OLED TVs greatly enhance the gaming experience, with the testimony of a real professional like Predax.