Salone del Risparmio


The event is about “saving” … But we don’t save anything!

With us, your initiative becomes a show.

The Salone del Risparmio is the largest event in the asset management industry in Italy, which has involved 20.000 participants (7.000 of which were streamed) in 2022.
The initiative is organized by Assogestioni who has chosen us for the last 7 years as their technical partner for the production of the event.

The request was clear: we had to take care of the selection, training and management of the organizing secretariat (Help Desk del Salone), the design of the common areas, the coordination of the exhibition areas, the visitors reception, the production of material, the main stage and the management of national and international speakers.

Particularly important was also the management and the organization of the 110 conferences on site and in live streaming on FR Vision, the digital platform developed entirely by us, which broadcasts and collects all the conferences at the Salone – live and on demand.

Naturally, Cliniq didn’t just stick to the requirements. We took up the challenge and converted the event into a masterpiece!